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Mr. Thomas G Smart
Onebane Law Firm
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Tommy Smart is a shareholder with the Onebane Law Firm in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he has practiced for over 40 years, and heads up its Energy Law Section. He received his Bachelor of Science degree and Juris Doctorate degree from Louisiana State University. His practice focuses on a broad range of energy related transactional, title and regulatory matters, including a number of carbon sequestration (CCUS) projects and the representation of producers engaged in onshore and offshore oil and gas operations in Louisiana and Texas. He is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Texas. He is a member of various bar associations, including the Louisiana State Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas. He is also a member of LOGA, AAPL, LAPL, PLANO and various other industry and land associations. He is on the Executive Committee of LOGA, where he is its General Counsel. He is on LOGA’s recently created CCUS Committee and its CCUS Executive Committee. He is a frequent speaker at various legal, industry and land seminars, including the Louisiana Mineral Law Institute, and has been a guest lecturer for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette PLRM Program. He was involved in giving industry input on the revision of the Louisiana State Mineral Lease Form, which was completed in 2019. He served on the 2022 Risk Charge Commission, which resulted in the recommendation of what was passed as Act 5 of 2022 of the Louisiana Legislature, revising the Risk Charge Statute.
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Surface and Subsurface Issues in the Horizontal Drilling Era
Thomas Smart