Date & Time
Thursday, November 19, 2020, 2:20 PM - 3:20 PM
Harry Philips
Most professionalism codes speak to the relationship between and among lawyers: Be honest, Keep your word, Refrain from making statements of fact or law that are known to be untrue, Be on time, No ad hominem attacks, Improve the system of justice. No one can object to these concepts in principle, but they are harder to respect in practice. This, you may have noticed, is becoming increasingly true in American society today, where civil discourse (perhaps outside the courtroom?) is a rarity, partisanship is the order of the day, and tolerance for opinions and conduct with which one disagrees is a scarce commodity. In the face of such growing discontent, and particularly in the context of a profession that is inherently adversarial, how can we preserve civility? This presentation offers some thoughts.
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