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Mr. Keith Friley
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Friley and Dugas, LLC
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Keith Friley has practiced law in the Greater Baton Rouge area since 1984. Since 1993, Keith has been a solo practitioner, practicing primarily in the family law area. Keith graduated in accounting from LSU in 1979, and became a CPA (unlicensed) in 1981. Keith graduated from Tulane Law School in 1983. Keith has been married to his wife, Diane for 34 years. They have two boys and four grandchildren.

Keith has observed over the last 35 or so years the increase on the demands on the family law attorney. Like most family law attorneys, Keith has observed the stress levels of the practitioners on the rise as well. Keith has made a pointed effort to learn practical ways to properly deal with the stress, that have helped improve his quality of life. Keith is eager to share what he has learned with his colleagues in hopes that they will also find the suggestions helpful.
Speaking At
Stress in the Profession, How to Manage It and Law Office Management (Professionalism)
Keith Friley