Full NameCompany/Firm
Ms. Kathleen E HagertyCCSA0
Ms. Leila Parvizian BraswellBraswell Law, LLC and 23rd Judicial District Attorney
Ms. Rachel KincaidBaylor Law School
Ms. Melissa HordichukAccess to Justice Project
Ms. Sonya M. Cardia-Porter19th JDC Office of the District Attorney, Hillar C. Moore III
Ms. Kira Jane Parrington(not set)
Ms. Dilara Guzeller(not set)
Ms. Mckenzie Nassar(not set)
Ms. Alena Allen(not set)
Professor Nancy Chi Cantalupo(not set)
Ms. Ryann Allain Beard(not set)
Ms. Laura Claire Haywood(not set)
Ms. Gabriellia Marie Bolanos(not set)
Ms. Georgette Sananikone(not set)
Ms. Allyssa Delgadillo(not set)
Ms. Elizabeth Avalos(not set)
Professor Cassandra D Chaney(not set)
Mrs. Jaclyn Rodriguez(not set)
Ms. Tracey E Barbera(not set)
Dr. Benjamin Kahan(not set)