Full Name
Cordelia Coppleson
Job Title
Assistant Attorney General
Illinois Attorney General's Office
Speaker Bio
Cordelia Coppleson is an Assistant Attorney General in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. She is the Law Enforcement Training Project Coordinator for the Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act. Ms. Coppleson is responsible for helping and supporting law enforcement agencies as they implement a new Illinois law through adopting policies, training and other requirements of the Act.
Ms. Coppleson has created curriculum and training for sexual assault investigators across the state of Illinois. She is a committed prosecutor, having spent the majority of her twenty-year career as a Cook County State’s Attorney assigned to the criminal division, with extensive experience in investigating, preparing, and trying sexual assault cases.
Speaking At
Deliberate Indifference? Holding Law Enforcement and Educational Institutions Accountable For Effectively Responding to Sexual Assault
Cordelia Coppleson