Full Name
Hon. Patrick J. Hanna
Job Title
Magistrate Judge
United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana
Speaker Bio
THE HONORABLE PATRICK J. HANNA was appointed to serve as a Magistrate Judge for the United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana, Lafayette Division, on December 1, 2009. Prior to his appointment, Judge Hanna practiced law in Lafayette, Louisiana for over 20 years. After his discharge from the United States Coast Guard, he attended USL where he graduated in 1984 with an undergraduate degree in political science. He received his Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University Law Center in 1987. Upon graduation, he began practicing law with the Onebane Law Firm in Lafayette. In 1992, he attended the Vermont Law School to study environmental law. In 1994, he and his partners formed the law firm of Rabalais, Hanna & Hays where he focused his practice in maritime, construction, and environmental law. The firm became Rabalais, Hanna & Hebert in 1997 and remained as such until his appointment in 2009.
Speaking At
Bench Panel on Recent Developments in Maritime Personal Injury Law
Patrick Hanna