Planning Committee

Chair: Karen D. Downs

LSU CLE deeply appreciates the generosity of these individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to help design a program of the very highest quality.

Clinton Bowers
Mr. Clinton M Bowers
Bowers Law Firm, LLC

Karen Downs
Ms. Karen D. Downs
Downs, Saffiotti & Boudreaux, LLP

Charles Fitzgerald
Judge Charles G. Fitzgerald
3rd Circuit Court of Appeal-Lafayette Parish

Josie Frank
Ms. Josie G. Frank
27th JDC

Frank Granger
Mr. Frank Granger
Frank Granger, APLC

Lila Hogan
Ms. Lila Tritico Hogan
Hogan Attorneys

Robert Lowe
Mr. Robert C. Lowe
Lowe, Stein, Hoffman, Allweiss & Hauver, L.L.P.

Philip Riegel
Mr. Philip R Riegel Jr.
Philip R. Riegel, Jr.