Thursday, September 23, 2021
Tax Developments
Separate Property, Co-Ownership Reimbursements
Sally Richardson
Child Support Updates
Recent Sole Custody and 3rd Party Custody Cases
J. Randall Trahan
Stress in the Profession and Law Office Mgt. (Professionalism)
Tips from Trial & Appellate Bench
Recent Developments in Jurisprudence
David Prados
Check-in/Conference Opening
Recent Developments in Legislation
Andrea Carroll
Friday, September 24, 2021
Angela White-Bazile
Domicile, Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Personal Jurisdiction, Lis Pendens, and forum Non Conveniens in Family Law Cases
Frank Tranchina
Interim v. Final Spousal Support Proof Issues
Jeffrey Hoffman
Bankruptcy Pitfalls in Community Property Issues
Reimbursements - Practical Approach
Addiction in Custody Cases
Check-in/Conference Opening